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Vertical Toolbar Docking Issue

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Vertical Toolbar Docking Issue

Postby epage on Sat Jul 29, 2006 7:18 pm

On Windows XP, Luna theme set, with my program maximized, I cannot dock my toolbars on the left and right side of the screen. The fix was removing this one liner

Code: Select all
bool wxFrameManager::DoDrop(wxDockInfoArray& docks,
                            wxPaneInfoArray& panes,
                            wxPaneInfo& target,
                            const wxPoint& pt,
                            const wxPoint& offset)
    wxSize cli_size = m_frame->GetClientSize();
    wxPaneInfo drop = target;
    int layer_insert_offset = auiLayerInsertOffset;
    if (target.IsToolbar())///////////////////////////////////////////REMOVE ME
        layer_insert_offset = 0;/////////////////////////////////////REMOVE ME

For horizontal toolbar behavior, this change does not seem to cause any problems, I am docking and undocking perfectly, but it now, without that line, I can dock on the sides of my screen.

The top and bottom work fine since there is screen realestate to move the mouse into, and having dual-monitors, I could actually dock to one side since I could move the mouse onto the second monitor.

I hope this helps other people (and gets applied)
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