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wxAuiToolBar Bugs/Problems

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wxAuiToolBar Bugs/Problems

Postby Allonii on Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:26 pm


I'm must say that I'm very pleased with wxAui, its very nice looking and handy.

I have found two bugs/problems with the new wxAuiToolBar,

1. If you have a statusbar, add AuiToolBar and add couple of tools to a frame. The longHelpString (statusbar text) is not shown when hovering over a AuiToolBar tool. Thats not so helpful for the user. This works for wxToolBar.

2. If you have a wxTextCtrl and a wxAuiToolBar. On the toolbar you have the tools Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy ect. To detect that the wxAuiToolBar's tools need to be enabled/disabled you use a wxUpdateUIEvent on wxTextCtrl. But the problem here is that when calling myAuiToolBar->Enable() This actually wont update the tools not until you hover over them. And if you add myAuiToolBar->Refresh() then the program will use all your cpu power. This works for the wxToolBar without any problem.

Another thing to have in mind that under vista with the wxToolBar and wxAuiManager you will get a half aui look and feel. The drag area is wxAui but the rest of the toolbar is vista.

Anyway maybe two things to have in mind for the next update.

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