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wxAuiManager issues

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wxAuiManager issues

Postby ZenJu on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:11 pm


I've just integrated wxAuiManager into my application and it's working nicely so far. Thereby I've found a few issues which I don't want to keep for myself in order to help further improve wxAUI:

1. When having a panel with "gripper" it is possible to undock the panel by dragging it with the mouse. However as soon as it is undocked it is no longer possible to move it with the gripper, but the user needs to click on the caption instead, which is quite irritating. It would be nice if the gripper was usable in the floating state also.

2. Calculation of "minimum size" for a row of multiple panels is incorrect if some items have captions while others don't: Assume we have one panel "A" with caption, another panel "B" without caption, both have their minimal height set, defined as "minA" and "minB" (via wxAuiPaneInfo::MinSize). If both panels are put into the same row, the minimum height of this row obviously is calculated as:
max(minA, minB) + captionHeight
This leads to visible waste of vertical space if the panel without caption is "bigger" than the other.
However "correct" would be:
max(minA, minB + captionHeight)

3. wxAuiManager::LoadPerspective: Besides loading panel sizes and positions it also loads panel captions. This is unfortunate (in my application/usecase): Initially all texts are English including panel captions. Now I change language to say Chinese. The program restarts, everything is in Chinese except... panel captions, that is because the caption texts are overwritten by "LoadPerspective" with the old English names. Arguably I'd say panel caption content belongs to the application and not the layout manager.

(4. minor: Only on Ubuntu Linux: Floating panels are positioned behind(!) main window if perspective is loaded.)

5. Feature request: Unless I'm missing something there doesn't seem to be a way to resize docked panels, that is, programatically make them bigger AND smaller during runtime.

Thanks for the great addition to wxWidgets, ZenJu
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