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Notebook scrolling tabs

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Notebook scrolling tabs

Postby Huge on Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:13 pm

I wonder if anyone has any ideas about tabs sizes in notebooks, once you have too many pages and the tabbing area needs to scroll. I'm hoping for a really cool idea that someone can add to the "Advanced UI".

One thought I had was to, optionally, only draw icons for some of the non-current tabs, while also drawing the name for the current tab - tooltips could help here too. Another thought was to have a "small name" as well as a "full name" for the tabs, and fall back the the same name, if required. If things do not fit, then perhaps an area then creates a pop-up menu of the remaining tabs. I think these options are better than the left/right arrows.

The option I like the least is the microsoft-style multi-row tabs where the rows switch position when you click on them. But perhaps some other metaphor where the tabs do not move around, and you can show them all would be good.

Another idea might be to use a very small font, and perhaps reduced decorations, for the non-current tab. Perhaps even to the point where you can't read the text directly but you brain recognises the "shape" of the word (with the help of tooltips) and you get a kind of zoom effect when you make a tab current.

Anyone else have this problem, or got any good ideas to solve?

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