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Postby Geoff_H on Sun May 22, 2011 9:17 am


I have been looking at Strata for several days now and think it's one of the most well written data programs out. If I were king, however, I would like to see two things added:

1) A more well developed and intuitive table merge capability. For example a field-mapping form where fields of like name would be mapped as the same output (once their data structure has been deternmined to be the same) and others with different names but same content could be synchronized; the field order would be irrelevant to the merge process; fields could be maked as "ignore' or "don't include"; and disparate fields would simply be added onto the end of the record unless marked for exclusion.

2) Add drag and drop to your data grids. Inevitably, there is some hand editing involved when scrubbing data (I've been doing it professionally for just over 25 years) and a D n' D capability greeatly enhances one's ability to work quickly and effeciently.If you were to additionally take it to a level where, as in Excel, one could drag a field by a handle and then copy all of the fiield's content into fields over which the first had beern dragged, standardizing many disparate types of data (i.e. Compny names) would be a snap, ensuring your data was as close as possible to perfect before being output.

Than being said, I have to also say that I am enjoying - as well as being increasingly impressed - with your fine product and intend to buy it very soon.

Thanks. Geoff Hollander
Northwest Database Services
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Re: Suggestion

Postby Ken on Tue May 24, 2011 11:47 am

Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the kind words. Both of these feature requests are more than reasonable and we'll add them to our feature list as we consider which things to add for upcoming versions.

Ken Kaczmarek
Kirix Support Team
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