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Getting a Record Count for a Report Group

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Getting a Record Count for a Report Group

Postby OldCityCat on Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:55 pm

I'm in the process of evaluating Strata as a replacement Report Writer for my company.
So I've started by recreating one of my weekly reports, I've got my data in Strata no problem, started adding fields to the report designer along with groups, now I need a way to count records in one of my groups. I can't seem to find a formula that does what I need. If anyone knows the correct way to accomplish this It would be greatly appreciated.

Thank for any and all responses

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Re: Getting a Record Count for a Report Group

Postby Ken on Sun Jan 08, 2012 3:17 pm

A quick option:

In a group header or group footer, use the formula:

=count(fieldname) , where "fieldname" is any numeric field in the group detail.

Two issues:
1) This only works on numeric fields
2) The formatting is a bit wonky, as it will give you x.0000000... as far as your report will allow. Cleaning this up is a bit of a kludge -- shrink the column width of that field as far as you'd like. Then, in the cell immediately to the right, put in something some text like " records" or " items" and left justify.

I'll check in with our tech team on Monday to see if there are other workarounds I am not aware of. UPDATE: This appears to be the only workaround at this time; we'll add it to our bug list. Sorry about that.

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