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parent window requirements

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parent window requirements

Postby chief on Fri May 27, 2011 6:42 am

I have an application I am developing which essentially takes some existing legacy code and wraps it inside a "server" app which replaces the old UI with a network interface through which I pass TCP packets which encapsulate all the events and/or command generated by that UI.
Of course, the server is somewhat useless without a client which is where I hope to use wxWebConnect.
My existing implementation is using the wxHtmlWindow control, but I want to replace that with wxWebConnect because what I am passing back from the server is an xml file. The XML is used internally by the client for a number of calculations and further processing (or at least the data in the elements is).
I want the client to use (user configurable) XSL templates to transform this to HTML for rendering in the client UI.
Simply replacing my existing wxHtmlWindow control with a wxWebConnect control (with all the initialisation code, etc.) does not render anything.
Hacking the testapp that comes with wxWebConnect works as expected. Opening the XML file (which has the reference to the XSL style sheet embedded) shows a shiny new and properly rendered HTML page.
The existing wxHtmlWindow is created in the UI with a parent window which is a wxPanel - is this likely to be the cause of the issue ?
Do I need to to use wxAUI ? This is not an issue as the client app is in early stages of development, but it will require a rewrite which I would rather do now than later !
Great component BTW - if my app gets of the ground I will almost certainly be integrating your Strata component as well as the end product will be analysing very large data sets of a statistical nature, and as the saying goes "a picture is worth ..."
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Re: parent window requirements

Postby Ben on Fri May 27, 2011 2:07 pm

Hey there,

Thanks for trying out our libraries!

No, wxAUI is not required to use wxWebConnect.

You may have better luck building up your program from the sample, slowly porting chunks of code to it. The other approach that I usually take when I run into similar problems as the one you described is, removing all window and sizing handlers and trying to strip down the component as much as possible. There are probably scenarios that were coded for wxHtmlWindow that cause problems with wxWebConnect.

Thats my best guess. Best of luck.

All the best,
Ben Williams
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