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wxAUI 0.9 released - docking/toolbar library for wxWidgets

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wxAUI 0.9 released - docking/toolbar library for wxWidgets

Postby Ben on Mon Dec 19, 2005 12:14 pm

Hi all,

I'd like to announce the availability of wxAUI 0.9 for download. Due to
the recent discussion of docking toolkits here, I feel that this
announcement is pertinent to the ongoing discussion on this list.

wxAUI is an Advanced User Interface library that aims to implement
"cutting-edge" interface usability and design features so developers can
quickly and easily create beautiful and usable application interfaces.
The centerpiece of the library is a docking manager which allows windows
to be floated/docked onto a frame.

This is our first release of the library. We've released the full
source code under the wxWindows license. Please note that the library is
still under development, and is subject to change. If you want to take
a quick peek to see how it works/looks on Win32, a binary sample is also
available. ... wxaui.html

Comments and criticisms are welcome.

All the best,
Benjamin I. Williams
Kirix Corporation
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