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ClientSize Feature Request

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ClientSize Feature Request

Postby katana on Sun Feb 26, 2012 1:44 pm

I've spent most of the day yesterday and today trying to figure out sizers and I think I now understand why they're not working correctly for me.

It seems that wxAuiPaneInfo is missing functionality for ClientToWindowSize and WindowToClientSize. Since sizers operate on the client size you can't really set the proper layout calling wxAuiPaneInfo::MinSize (Which I think should probably be renamed to SetMinSize to conform to wxWidgets naming convention).

With ClientToWindowSize implemented it would then be trivial to add in SetClientSize for a Pane (wxAuiPaneInfo) which would subsequently take into account the size of it's gripper, title bar and whatever else it adds when the window is floating or docked.

Make sense? Or am I just missing something?
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