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Problem with docking

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Problem with docking

Postby Antoine on Tue Nov 07, 2006 5:13 pm


I'm playing with docking/undocking and I run into a few problems.

My application has 3 Panes.

Problem #1:

Panes are created with a PaneInfo helper. If I set PaneBorder to false, then the transparent hint disapears (nothing else changed in the source file). If I don't say anything regarding PaneBorder, then PaneBorder is drawn (I guess this is the default behaviour) and I have the transparent hint...

Problem #2:
Panes are created as follow with configuration B, as follow:

Code: Select all
A:    | P2      B:   P1 | P2      C:     |    |       D:   P2
   P1 |---           -------          P1 | P2 | P3       -------
      | P3             P3                |    |          P1 | P3

If I take Pane P3 I can undock it and dock it back in configuration A or B without any problem.

Now let's say I move Pane P3 in configuration B. I now take Pane P1, move it a little bit (undock and redock at the same position for instance, or dock it elsewhere and go back to configuration B). I'm still in configuration B.

I then take back Pane P3 and try to put it back in configuration A. There is no way. I can only go to configuration B or C. Even if I try to reach configuration A by moving Pane P1, this does not work. P1 only wants to stay in configuration B or to go in configuration D.

This is very odd, because sometimes (about 1 run over 5) I can reach back configuration A.

I must admit that I certainly did not understand the concept of layer/dock/row/position as reported by the Client Size Reporters in the demo. Is this described somewhere?

Still with MSW, mingw, gcc 3.4.5 (wx snapshot november 6th).

Best regards,



Here is the creation code for reference. CreateNotebook creates an AuiNotebook (I event tried with other controls, as I wanted to make sure it didn't come from the notebook). CreateBoard creates a custom control

Code: Select all
  _frame_mgr.AddPane (CreateNotebook (), wxAuiPaneInfo()   // P3
            .Name (_T ("notebook"))
            .Caption (_T ("notebook1"))
            .Dockable (true));

  _frame_mgr.AddPane (CreateBoard (), wxAuiPaneInfo()  // P2
            .Name (_T ("board"))
            .CenterPane ());

  _frame_mgr.AddPane (CreateNotebook (), wxAuiPaneInfo()  // P1
            .Name (_T ("notebook2"))
            .Caption (_T ("notebook2"))
            .Left ()
            .Layer (1)
            .Dockable (true));
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