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Feedback on x64 and custom schemes/protocols

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Feedback on x64 and custom schemes/protocols

Postby mds69 on Tue Nov 09, 2010 4:28 am


Have been looking into wxWebConnect - seems good!

Negative stuff I've found as it applies to us (food for thought for other evaluators as well maybe) :-
  • x64 on Windows seems impossible - no official builds of XULRunner and obviously can't use x86 version
  • No custom schemes/protocol (e.g. myapp://) support

Whilst I really like the idea of wxWebRunner, x64 problems would stop me contributing/using it. Seems to be a common problem - CEF ( and Chromium in general seems to lack x64 support as well. I don't currently have the time/motivation to get in there and get a XULRunner x64 build going. If that was there though I can obviously imagine the custom scheme support being fixable.

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Re: Feedback on x64 and custom schemes/protocols

Postby jonmmorgan on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:07 am

Lack of custom protocol support troubled me as well, so I implemented it. You can find a full discussion of my questions and implementation at viewtopic.php?f=25&t=817. I keep a github repository tracking my changes at, which includes the protocol handler and a number of other changes I have found useful (Though please bear in mind that probably all of the features I have added are still not production ready and can be difficult to build because my application using it is still not so ready and so I have done more experimentation than bulletproofing. When BPBible is going into alpha or beta I'll be more motivated to bullet-proof the changes).

As for X64, I have not really thought about it beyond knowing that our users already complain that the existing version doesn't work on X64 (using wxHTML), and it sounds like this isn't going to change with WebConnect. Just out of interest, are you aware of It looks like this has X64 builds of Firefox and they work (also Mozilla nightlies now have X64 builds for FF, though apparently not yet for XR - no idea why). I don't know whether wxWebConnect would work with an X64 XULRunner or not. Also, even if XR 2.0 final comes with X64 builds for Windows I suspect XR 2.0 won't work with WebConnect without some changes, though I can't say what they would be at this point. Making XR 2.0 work will probably move up my priority list once it has been released, because it should have lots of lovely performance improvements that are worth having.
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Re: Feedback on x64 and custom schemes/protocols

Postby admin on Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:32 pm

Hi Mike and Jon,

I recently compiled wxWebConnect on a 64-bit platform (Ubuntu 64-bit) and got the library itself compiled. However, as you mentioned, there are not any 64-bit versions of XulRunner available yet. Word on the street is that Firefox 4 will have 64-bit capabilities, so at that time we would certainly like to (and plan to) add 64-bit support.

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