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Programmatically setting the "work offline" flag

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Programmatically setting the "work offline" flag

Postby nathaniel on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:28 am

Hi: After adding a web browser control to a wxWidgets application, I've tried browsing to localhost applications and have had trouble when working offline. Sometimes I can get the pages to load by running a Firefox browser at the same time and playing with the "work offline" option on that browser, but I'm not sure how to add an equivalent option to a wxWebConnect application. I had hoped there was a simple method or boolean member which could be set that would be a programmatic equivalent to "work offline" but I could't find anything in the source code I have access to. Actually I'd rather not force the use to deal with this but would rather automatically set work offline to false whenever the user chooses to browse to localhost. Is that possible?
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