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Loading and Saving Perspective

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Loading and Saving Perspective

Postby peterdove on Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:12 pm

Hi All,

docking restrictions were not being saved..

add the following into LoadPerspective in the appropriate place

else if (val_name == wxT("topdock"))
pane.TopDockable( wxAtoi(value.c_str()) );
else if (val_name == wxT("leftdock"))
pane.LeftDockable( wxAtoi(value.c_str()) );
else if (val_name == wxT("rightdock"))
pane.RightDockable( wxAtoi(value.c_str()) );
else if (val_name == wxT("bottomdock"))
pane.BottomDockable( wxAtoi(value.c_str()) );

And add the following code to the SavePerspective in the appropriate place

result += wxString::Format(wxT("topdock=%d;"), pane.IsTopDockable());
result += wxString::Format(wxT("leftdock=%d;"), pane.IsLeftDockable());
result += wxString::Format(wxT("rightdock=%d;"), pane.IsRightDockable());
result += wxString::Format(wxT("bottomdock=%d;"), pane.IsBottomDockable());

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