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Confused by plugins

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Confused by plugins

Postby jdx on Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:35 am

I am finding that not only Flash but also my own custom browser plugin is loading within a wxWB-based app. However I have not set any extra plugin paths except my local xul/plugins dir which only contains npnul32.dll.

How does wxWC/XUL know about this? Is it simply using the same core functionality as FF to find plugin DLLs? The example code in the docs simply tries to find FF's plugin dir:

Code: Select all
    // Locate some common paths and initialize the control with
    // the plugin paths; add these common plugin directories to
    wxString program_files_dir;
    ::wxGetEnv(wxT("ProgramFiles"), &program_files_dir);
    if (program_files_dir.Length() == 0 || program_files_dir.Last() != '\\')
        program_files_dir += wxT("\\");

    wxString dir = program_files_dir;
    dir += wxT("Mozilla Firefox\\plugins");

but that's not how FF works on MSW; plugins can be installed anywhere on the system and are located through the Windows registry.

I guess the real question is about Flash, as the only plugin I need. What happens if I use wxWC on a PC which doesn't have FF/Chrome, but does have Flash for IE... I guess I need to install it for FF but how, when FF itself isn't installed?
Or can I simply bundle a Flash DLL in my download... which seems crude?
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