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Handling of links to Excel files

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Handling of links to Excel files

Postby GraemeA on Tue Aug 07, 2007 3:05 pm

The page ... 06008.html

has links to a set of Excel files and was wondering how they would be handled. I expected to be able to either open them directly or download them and use the File -> Import route.

Clicking the Excel link opened the spreadsheets in a new tab and displayed what looks to be the Excel native file format contents i.e. not as a spreadsheet.

Right-clicking on the link and selecting "Import table" did not seem to do anything.

However, the link named as "Supplementary table 5" causes Strata to display an hourglass and does not respond (and eventually has been killed).

All the spreadsheets (including the one that causes the problems) can be downloaded outside Strata and imported into it.

(OS: Win XP SP2)
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Re: Handling of links to Excel files

Postby Ken on Tue Aug 07, 2007 6:07 pm

Thanks for the report, this is a bug.

When you click on an xls file, instead of opening up a garbage file in the transformation editor, Strata should either a) open up the xls file correctly or b) ask you if you want to import it.

There is a similar issue in the "Open" dialog when you want to open up a file locally. You can open text files natively in Strata, but you have to import Excel and Access files.

Glad to hear you got the import working,though. Thanks for the report.

Ken Kaczmarek
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