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Reloading URL

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Reloading URL

Postby mjacobson on Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:00 pm

I am successfully using wxwebconnect to display a URL. When my program launches it set's up a windowXulRunner and sets the URL which then has my web server render the page. I then hide the window and display another window. Then I have an onclick event bring the original windowXulRunner back up. I want to reload the original URL since the data has changed but calling OpenURI or Reload does not do this. I even tried having my onclick arbitrarily set the URL to and it never reloaded. It just displays the original html that was received from the first OpenURI call. What I am doing wrong. Has my URL been cached and so it just not trying to reload?? I even tried setting the URL to a dummy one and then loading the real one to force it to reload but that did not work either.
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