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no-rtti flag and newer versions of xulrunner

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no-rtti flag and newer versions of xulrunner

Postby OliveTree on Mon Aug 31, 2009 4:44 pm


first of all this is a great wrapper.

Just a couple of comments/questions:

Is there any particular reason why the webconnect library gets compiled with the -fno-rtti flag?
I had to remove that flag so that webconnect.a would link with my app, since I did not compile wx with it.
It appears to work but I need to test it a bit more.

I have tried later versions of xulrunner, eg. xulrunner-, and it appears to work except for flash which appears to crash the app on exit in the threading library, somehow xulrunner does not appear to shutdown cleanly in later versions. Anyone any ideas what might go wrong?
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