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More on the MySQL DATETIME datatype

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More on the MySQL DATETIME datatype

Postby AaronAcephalous on Wed Aug 08, 2007 8:16 pm

I think I already mentioned something about weirdness in MySQL date/time support, but now I've got it narrowed down to something that might be useful to report.

I have a MySQL table 'notes' which has two columns, 'last_update' and 'created', of data type DATETIME. They're defined as follows:


But when I connect to the database via Strata and open that table, the 'last_update' and 'created' columns look like this:


Note the slight oddness in the 'last_update' column.

I'm not sure what causes this; it's been the case since I first opened the table in Strata, and nothing I do in terms of sorting, filtering, changing the column's data type, &c. changes it. It doesn't seem to affect any of the other tables I have which contain DATETIME columns, but other than that I'm still testing to see if I can narrow it down any. If I find anything useful, I'll edit it into the post. (Yeah, I found the button for that, finally. :)

Hope this helps!
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Re: More on the MySQL DATETIME datatype

Postby Ken on Wed Aug 08, 2007 8:36 pm

Wow, great bug report.

This is a bug in the way that Strata is parsing/transforming that first field. We've had similar strange behavior in the past with dates in other file formats -- we must have missed this one.

This is a possible kludge that may or may not work until we get this fixed:

1. Create a calculated field.
2. Enter the following formula: date(last_update).
3. Then, in the calculated field dialog, change the Type in the drop down box from "Auto" to "DateTime".
4. Click OK.

Then you can use this calculated field instead of the one with the garbage values in it. Again, not sure if this will work, but it may be worth a try. Thanks for the report.

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