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Bookmarks and bookmarklets

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Bookmarks and bookmarklets

Postby AaronAcephalous on Tue Aug 07, 2007 2:25 pm

Right now there appears to be no way, or at least no trivial way, to create a bookmark with a URL I specify; bookmarks take the location of the tab I'm on when I create them, period.

This is somewhat unfortunate because it makes bookmarklets rather difficult to use. I was able to achieve very limited success by copy-pasting the URL strings from a couple of Firefox bookmarklets; I say 'very limited' because the bookmarklets ran about one time in two; when they didn't, they'd issue an error that "eval must be called directly, not by way of a function of another name", or words to that general effect. When they did run, bookmarking the resulting page didn't help; instead of reloading the bookmarklet when clicked, they'd load about:blank.

Of course, it seems very likely that this feature is already planned for inclusion, in which case I've just wasted both our time writing about it. But I figured I'd mention just in case. Thanks for your time!
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Re: Bookmarks and bookmarklets

Postby Ben on Tue Aug 07, 2007 3:28 pm

Thanks for mentioning this. Indeed, we do intend to code full bookmark support, but decided that we'd like to get out what we had before checking off every last detail. We also intend to code a mechanism to create a bookmark with on-the-fly data transformations to allow you to view data from certain web pages in the format you desire.

Thanks for pointing it out,

Ben Williams
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