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how do I add a column to my table ??

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how do I add a column to my table ??

Postby asa32sd23 on Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:29 pm

I want to add a column to my table to input the date and a column to categorize the different tables I am merging from the same source...

i right click on the table select add column but nothing, what am i doing wrong ( I also selected the column and right clicked as well but not able to add a column..)

thanks for the help
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Re: how do I add a column to my table ??

Postby Aaron on Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:11 pm

In Strata, tables have an underlying structure that determines how the data is stored and an associated view that presents that data in visible columns. The visible columns often correspond to the structure, but sometimes they are different.

The "Insert Column(s)" in the right-click menu opens the field list panel, allowing you to insert columns into the table view by dragging them from the field list to the table view. In other words, it opens a panel used for modifying the presentation of the table, not the actual design or structure of the table.

To create a new field for entering data, you need to add a new field to the table structure. To do this:

1. Open a table.
2. Open the view menu, and select View->Design View, which changes the view of the table from table view to design view.
3. In the design view, right-click on one of the fields in the list at the position at which you wish to insert the new field, and select "Insert Field(s)".
4. Give the newly inserted field an alphanumeric fieldname, set the width to a large enough size to hold all the values the field might store, and set the type, which determines whether the data will be text, a number, a date, etc.
5. Open the File menu and selecting File->Save to save the changes.
6. Open the view menu, and select View->Table View to switch back to the table view of the data.
7. The new field should show up in the table view; if it doesn't, right-click on one of the columns in the table view and select "Insert Column(s)", and after the field list opens, drag the newly created column from the field panel to the table view.

That should do it. Let me know how this works!
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