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WebConnect JavaScript popup blocking

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WebConnect JavaScript popup blocking

Postby xzminx on Tue Nov 29, 2011 5:28 am

Hi guys!

I want to know if it there is a way to block javascript generated popups (like alert()) by overriding some event so something...
Maybe trough OnShouldHandleContent(...) ? If yes, what kind of content is that, because I tried to catch that event and it is never generated on this html page that pops alert box..

I'm asking this because I think there is a bug in the library when executing javascript alet box.
To test it:
open file containing: "<html><script>alert('alert');</script></html>"

I set it so that I can run the OpenURI() on command and 1st time i call it it is ok, alert box popup shows up OK, but 2nd time, I hear the sound generated by popup and everything blocks (because its modal) but I cant see the alert box (is it hidden?) to be able to close it or something...

Any idea how to remedy this?

Disabling javascript is not an option because I use it extensively.

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